As the launch of the world’s first safety harness for pregnant women in cars approaches, we are proud and humbled by the genuine interest and support shown by the public, around the world, even before we tried to market it! For this we are very grateful and would like to say a very big thank you to all those who have enquired and in some cases, taken the trouble to discuss with us the design and development of the piXie™ Pregnancy Seatbelt Harness.

Here are a few of the comments:

"Why I love the Pixie Harness: Steve is a problem solver. He saw the potential and very real problems of seatbelts in pregnancy and he sought a technological solution to solve it. Steve investigated this thoroughly, and has ensured the device complies with all the European and UK regulations in this area. He has literally thought of everything, down to the carry bag so that you can easily gather it up and move it from one place to another.

When I went to see the device I was so impressed with its design, its comfort and its ease of use. It really is an amazing piece of technology and I think, as women and as mothers, we are fortunate to have people like Steve thinking of us and finding solutions."

“Dear Sir,

As an expectant mother I’m very interested in your pregnancy seat belt harness. It looks like a great invention! I would like to know when and where it will be sold to end customers. I hope soon! Regards,”

Imke P. Holland

“Dear Sir/Madam,

In a press release I have read about your seatbelt harness for pregnant women.
A very good invention I think, and as I am 15 weeks pregnant now, I would like to buy one!

I have tried to buy one in the Netherlands, but I can't seem to find any stores that sell your seatbelt harness, therefore:

* Are there any stores in the Netherlands where I can buy the seatbelt harness?
* If not, is it possible to order a seatbelt harness and have it delivered in the Netherlands?
And of course what are the costs?

I hope to hear from you, and would love to try your invention!”

Marlies N, Holland

“My wife is pregnant right now, so we wonder if the pregnancy seatbelt harness is ready for ordering and sale now.”

Simen T.- Norway

“hi there,
quit a remarkable innovation the product is, really helping save the mum n the baby. I'm Faiz from Malaysia. I would like to know if there any dealer's in ASEAN or Malaysia. How the seatbelt cost? Is there any requirement for me to sell your product? Thanks for creating useful and innovative product.”

Faiz S. Malaysia

“Hello there Mr. Weston,

Discovery Channel Canada is heading to the UK film some stories for our daily science news program, Daily Planet. I read an article about your pregnancy seatbelt harness. Great idea! In the article it mentions you will be doing some testing of it – any chance you will be doing any crash tests with it in the next couple of weeks?
If so, we would love to be there!”

C. D. W.
Discovery Channel Canada

“I was just wondering if the seat belt harness would be available for sale to the public this year?

My second child is due in December and I remembered reading about this new type of maternity seat belt during my first pregnancy. Having found the usual Clippasafe ones uncomfortable I was interested in trying a different type.“


Good day,

We would like to know the procedure for becoming the local distributor for the seatbelt harness line of products for Trinidad and Tobago.

We welcome the opportunity to introduce this new product to the market once the price point is in line with current customers.”

[Importer] San Juan, Trinidad

Is the pregnancy seat belt harness available for purchase? If so; where and how do I get it? Thank you!”

Tonya D.

Dear Sir / Madam,

Am hoping you can help me with the following...

For our news section in our Motoring supplement we mention the pregnancy seatbelt harness product and I wanted to know if it would be possible for you to kindly email over an image to illustrate the copy.”

Daily Telegraph